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Our reliable, affordable, and technologically advanced solutions provide the highest quality service in the payments industry. We process all payment types flawlessly; we automate the collections process in a unique way; and our open systems design is integrated into systems in every industry vertical.

Medical & Insurance

Today, insurance companies must work to improve profitability, grow their client base and compete in a heavily regulated and scrutinized industry. Demographic factors alone are forcing huge changes on underwriting and insurance product delivery.

The insurance industry has been one of the last to adopt modern payment methods and most insurance companies today are either limiting their payment offerings, or they are paying extremely high fees for payment processing.

ZAMCO has developed an approach for insurance firms that enable web-based payments, and efficient yet affordable lockbox and remittance processing. This allows our insurance company clients to accept all forms of payment.

Partnering with ZAMCO has allowed our insurance company clients to take payments over the phone, over the web, through a lockbox, and via preauthorized recurring payments that directly debit policy holders accounts on a regular schedule.

Catalog and eCommerce


insuranceOur catalog clients rely on us to verify that the payments they receive are good- before they ship merchandise. With our ability to customize applications and solutions to meet clients’ needs we are able to do this. Our customers get paid and have virtually eliminated their returned items and bad debt.

We provide lockbox, check processing, credit card, and remittance processing. Our catalog clients also use our solutions to accept payment information over the phone or from their websites.


ecommerceThe internet has revolutionized how we shop and purchase goods and services. Ironically, while the shopping experience is ‘high-tech’ the behind the scenes payment processing has usually been expensive, problematic, and generally ‘low tech’.

ZAMCO has developed on-line payment solutions that include shopping carts, registration pages, payment confirmation notices and on-line activity reporting. We integrate payment processing to your website, we develop pages that perfectly match your standards for graphics, colors and navigation and we provide secure, fast, and affordable payment processing.

We can make your website a payment portal in only a few short days because we meet the payment needs of business.


As a retailer you balance your business opportunities with the need for practical, usable and affordable management techniques and practices. You need to sell the right products and provide the right services at the right price. You want to serve your customers and focus on their needs.

Let us help you focus on your business by managing your payment processing. We have experience making sure that you can accept all forms of payment. Our solutions carefully identify all potential risks, and we can process your payments quickly, easily, and affordably.

We allow you to focus on your business by making sure we meet your payment needs.


You provide convenience to your customers – so does ZAMCO. We provide flexible payment systems that allow you to accept all payment types quickly and easily.

Convenience stores require flexibility, reliability, usability and affordability in payment processing. ZAMCO meets the payment processing needs of convenience stores with our integrated or standalone check and card processing solutions. Whether it is verification, velocity, or a guarantee program at the register – or consolidated processing in a back-office environment – ZAMCO is the partner that you can count on.


Grocers need fast, reliable and affordable payment systems that allow them to seamlessly and efficiently ‘check-out’ their customers. With razor thin margins, a second here and a penny there are real savings. Unfortunately, systems vendor and banking institutions have ignored these needs or only offered partial or very expensive solutions.

ZAMCO has many products and services that have been designed to meet these needs. Our grocery-focused solutions deliver everything from checkout lane verification and velocity to check guarantee programs to POS/POP integrated processing to collections and return item processing.

We also provide our grocery clients with flexible check processing system configurations – we can process at the point of sale or in the back room. We also process credit and debit cards and have developed several single-appliance solutions that allow us to process checks and credit cards with one small device. We meet the payment needs of our grocery clients by providing flexible, efficient and affordable options.


pharmacyZAMCO has extensive experience working with small and large pharmacies all over the United States.

We have developed solutions for check and credit card processing that integrates directly with the point-of-sale systems used in pharmacies. Our verification and velocity functionality helps to eliminate fraud, bad debt and identify questionable check activity.

We have also developed an approach to collections that has allowed our pharmacy clients to enjoy greater success in collecting on returned items.

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